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Our Partners

North York Toronto Health Partners is a partnership of health care providers across the continuum working together to design a system and delivery seamless care for patients. 

There are currently 22 core partners, 30+ alliance partners, a Patient and Caregiver Health Council and a Primary Care Network which includes over 200 primary care physicians and counting.


The 22 core partners reflect the continuum of health care - hospital, home care, community support services, mental health and addictions, primary care and long-term care  - while the Alliance partners and Working Group members include social service agencies involved in areas such as food security and services for people with developmental disabilities. The NYTHP has formalized, strengthened and expanded existing health care partnerships in our community, some that are decades long.

Patient and Caregiver Health Council

Shana Habernam_photo-optimized_v2.jpg

Shana Haberman

Judy Katz_photo.jpg

Judy Katz 

Melissa Lai.png

Melissa Lai

North York Toronto Health Partners (NYTHP) Patient and Caregiver Health Council (PCHC) is a group of diverse, passionate people with lived experience who bring the perspective of patients, caregivers, family members, and residents to each NYTHP strategic initiative. PCHC members are involved in program co-design, and ensure that the team considers integration, transparency, inclusion, and health equity for the population served.

Kim Leung_photo.jpg

Kim Leung 

Cheryl Lipman-26 BlueBG HI-RES.jpg

Cheryl Lipman

Trudie Mulalu.jpg

Trudie Mulalu

Moon Ja Park.jpg

Moon Ja Park

Shoshana Pellman.jpg

Shoshana Pellman

Leela Prasaud_photo.JPG

Leela Prasaud

Lisa Rogers.jpeg

Lisa Rogers

Teresina Stachinevsky.jpg

Teresina Stanichevsky

Rosemarie Owens-Tunney.jpg

Rosemarie Owens-Tunney

Min Wang_photo.JPG

Min Wang

Wendy Wu_photo.jpg

Wendy Wu

Primary Care Network

The North York Primary Care Network (PCN) provides a forum for communication, dissemination of information and represents the interests of the primary care community within the NYTHP OHT.  

The Network was formerly known as the NYTHP Primary Care Association. This name change has been made to reflect the strength of the PCN's membership of 200+ primary care providers. It also aligns with the Ontario Health Team model of primary care networks having a central role in shaping a more integrated health care system.

Visit the Primary Care Network's website to learn more. 

Backbone Team 

The NYTHP is structured according to the Collective Impact Model first articulated in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. A core feature of Collective Impact is a Backbone Team, which are a group of professionals from different member organizations whose full or part-time role is to support the work of the NYTHP. 


There are currently 12 backbone members from across eight organizations who work as a virtual team to support planning and implementation of joint projects, providing direction, practical support and coordinating the work of the NYTHP across the initiatives/workstreams.  


NYTHP’s Principles of Working Together:

  • Commitment to shared purpose and improvement within our system

  • Distributed leadership, shared responsibility, and shared resources

  • Coordinated and collaborative action across the NYTHP community

  • Driving innovation

  • Commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equity

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